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Parenting Consultation

Child doesn't come with manual, you've to create one to be successful!

  • 1 h
  • 3,100 Indian rupees
  • Online Audio/Video Call

Service Description

Most first time parents know for sure that parenting is not a cakewalk as they might have once thought to be. The process of parenting starts much before the child is even conceived, letting aside the concept of post-birth parenting. Every child has his/her unique personality traits, some it inherits from parents, other are groomed through his/her upbringing. The sooner a child is trained effectively as per his/her talents, sooner he would grow to become successful in all fields ranging from business to fine arts, music to sports and so on. This is exactly what we do for you in this session, we'll tell you the natural hidden talents of your child, the ones which if groomed, shall take him/her to unparalleled heights. Excelling is a habit we like to inculcate in winners early. Also, each kid has his/her own special needs and aspirations, we'll help you decode them, so that you and your child have a more harmonious relationship forever and ever. This is time based consultation for single appointment. You may discuss any reasonable number of issues about parenting and learning about your child better in advance. We can advice remedial measures and mantras if the need be!

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