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Marriage Counselling

So you don't know what to expect, or are things getting all wrong?

  • 2 hr
  • 5,100 Indian rupees
  • Online Audio/Video Call

Service Description

An important part of match-making is suitable counselling of the couple of what to expect out of each other. In this rapidly fast moving world, we all have ambitions and goals in life. Sometimes, we are not able to match our personal desires with that as a couple. A timely counselling never arises situations of separation or conflict. Through astrological tools and spiritual scanning, we help couples understand the deeper meanings of compatibility. We help cultivate deeper and lasting friendship and honest love between yourselves by analysing your individual personality traits and characteristics, like-mindedness, individual ambition and mutual expectations, possible areas of conflict, factors that may strengthen the bond and so on. This is time based consultation and can be either taken in single appointment or can be divided into two: initial consultation and follow-up. You may ask questions or discuss any number of apprehensions or issues which are troubling you about the concept of marriage and commitment. The consultation is provided by our brightest star consultant with years of experience of successfully strengthening and saving marriages of people across the globe. We can advice remedial measures and mantras if the need be!

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