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Health & Spirituality Consultation

Know your health, know your mind, know about your life!

  • 1 h
  • 3,100 Indian rupees
  • Online Audio/Video Call

Service Description

In this report, we discuss your general personality traits, physical health and mental conditioning. We help you understand your life path, revealing to you about your pending karmas in all aspects of life. By thus reinventing yourself, you can bring about suggested practical changes in life to lead a more fulfilling and focused life. We also help you understand the goal of your life and enable you to become the best version of yourself within months. We believe in karma and that destiny is nothing but a result of our past deeds. So, by being watchful of our present actions, we create our own future. Every soul is unique and therefore every born is special and has a divine purpose of life behind its existence. With this report, we present our study of your past deeds, what we call as 'Prarabdha', and reveal to you of what debts from the past are you born to repay in this world. To bring your cheer and everlasting smiles, we would also enlighten you with your good karmas and the accrued rewards that you'll reap in your life. If you're a spiritual person, it means that you would know the karmic purpose of your present life, and how you can effectively deal with it knowing your most hidden traits of your personality. Remedial advice and mantras are included without saying! The personal consultation can be recorded and provided as compliments.

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