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Mercury Transit April'20

Mercury Transit on April 25, 2020 from Pisces sign to Aries. The most important and much awaited celestial movement of year 2020.

The heading of my article can amaze lots of Astrologers and seeker of astrology that why I emphasis too much on Mercury transit which happens quite often. Here I would like to explain why this transit is too auspicious for us as it can give us hope and make us relax in this stressful period. In Vedic Astrology this year Mercury is the King of planetary kingdom and leader of all planets. When Mercury enters in Aries sign in “Ashwani Nakshatra” which we considered as Healer of Deities and has all the divine medicines. Thus it should bring a strong medicine for humanity which could save us from this pandemic "Corona". I also wanted to remind you my video which I posted on YouTube 19th of March 2020, where I predicted that some medicine/vaccine or solution will come in between 14th of April to 14th of May 2020. We consider Sun as a source of Life which passed through from Ashwani Star on the 14th of April and after that date understanding about this Virus and its genetic decode was increased significantly and reported by various news agencies. Now when King of the current year Mercury will enter in Ashwani constellation it will give us some good news which all humans want to listen from the last couple of months. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and represents logic, intellect, communication, business sense, and sensitivity. It’s like the postman who gives us the great news that vaccines or Medicine or successful healing procedure will be finding by our doctors and scientists. In the last week of April, there will be a great possibility that any big institution like WHO or Medical University or Government officially announces about this news and claim about its success. Although this problem could take some months especially till 30th August to completely wash out form humans. After that, some small number of cases can come in notice like the flue. Mercury will start moving from Watery Sign to Airy Sign, which will be helpful in research-oriented work and increase your perseverance. Also, it will help us in creating a better understanding of ourselves. Mercury also represents business & trade, thus these transits also indicate that it will help the economy and business-related activities will be a speedup.

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